Booking training sessions

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Training slots are available at Strandbad Thun (Strandbadweg 10, 3604 Thun) and Spiez Bucht (Schachenstrasse 19, 3700 Spiez).

  • The training slots are allocated on a first come, first served basis.
  • Training slots can be booked ONE DAY BEFORE the desired training session.
  • Each team may book HALF A COURT for 30 MINUTES each day. Hopefully each team can have a whole court for 30 minutes, but this may not be possible and we want to ensure everyone has the possibility to get onto a court. A suggestion would be for each team to book a time slot that has the suffix 'a', if no one turns up then you have a whole court for 30 minutes, however if there is another team that has not found a time to train they choose a remaining 'b' time slot and the teams on court compromise.
  • If courts have not been booked by midday, teams may book an ADDITIONAL time slot for that day.
  • Training times are not guaranteed. If tournament matches are running over and the warm-up court is needed for warm-up, and the match courts are needed for matches, the currently competing teams will have priority.
Any issues with this form, please contact Poppy on +41774985378 or via

There is a larger beach volleyball centre in Bern (Goumoensstrasse 50, 3007 Bern) where you can reserve a court.
You can also rent a court at Frutigen (Sportweg 1, 3714 Frutigen )